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Personal Growth

Jungian psychotherapy can be an effective treatment for a variety of psychological disorders (especially depression and anxiety disorders), but, perhaps more importantly, it can be used for personal growth after any psychological symptoms are alleviated. A number of clients who begin Jungian psychotherapy for treatment of a psychological disorder such as depression continue with psychotherapy after the diminishment of their symptoms. They work with their dreams and other life events for personal growth reasons.

"If attention is directed to the unconscious, the unconscious will yield up its contents, and these in turn will fructify the conscious like a fountain of living water. For consciousness is just as arid as the unconscious if the two halves of our psychic life are separated."
Carl Jung

People without diagnosable psychological disorders can benefit from Jungian psychotherapy for personal growth reasons. From carpenters and engineers to nurses and clergy, Dr. Drymalski has assisted many people in discovering a more authentic and personally meaningful way of living their lives. Using Jungian psychotherapy for personal growth also uses dreamwork as a core ingredient in moving toward psychological maturity.

If you are interested in Junigan psychotherapy for a psychological problem, for personal growth, or if you mainly want to work with your dreams, please call Dr. Drymalski to set up an appointment for an individual session.

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